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Credit Cards Changes Coming

Credit Cards Changes Coming


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Free Job Search Workshops Offered by Rebecca Adams and MCTC

Opening Doors AND Windows in Your Job Search

Job Search “Immersion” Program – half or full day.  FREE. Call 612.659.6500 to register. 

Weekdays:  Weds 7/29    Fri 8/7       Mon 8/17
(9 – 4 – come ½ or full day)

Power Saturdays:  9 to 2   on 7/18  &   8/29  

For anyone who has been displaced from their employment.  Call for info & save your spot now!

Held at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, 1501 Hennepin Avenue South, and led by Rebecca Adams, M.S. HR Development & Counseling, and owner/consultant at

CALL 612.659.6500 to Register

Create Social Networks
Learn what to do at networking events
Personal Finance Advice
Tips on what successful people do in this economy
Increasing the Power of YOU on the Internet
Convert online contacts into face-to-face meetings
Not your typical job search seminar!!!



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References – a different way of considering which ones to use

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For references, I generally recommend at a least a group of five to choose from and am providing some tips on getting the right person on your references sheet – these suggestions may trigger some people you had not thought of yet.

  1. A reference from someone who understands what you do
    Can be a supervisor if possible but also consider another trusted individual in the company, even if from a different department, who at least understands your role and can attest to your work there. You should always have someone who falls into this category on your list.
  2. A reference from someone in a past position where you worked for a very long period of time.
    These references are like gold- these are people who probably entrusted you for a great deal of responsibility over several years. They know your personality and work habits well and can give great insight to your abilities.
  3. A reference from someone who is a recognizable person in your industry or in the general public (e.g. a state senator).
    This can certainly stand out on anyone’s credentials.
  4. A reference from someone in your academic background, especially if you are seeking positions tied into your education background
    (e.g. the position requires a great deal of business knowledge and you have a business professor who thought you had natural business acumen.)
  5. A reference from someone who was a part of any volunteer/community efforts you’ve participated in.
    Boy Scouts, blood drives, kids activities, political campaigning- someone that attests you go the extra mile to help your fellow person even if you don’t get paid for it.

I hope this gives you some ideas for people to pursue for your references. For each of the references, list them on a separate page in this format:

Mr. John Doe
Supervisor of Sales HINT: You may wish to indicate the nature of the relationship…(e.g. “Former Co-Worker at XYZ Company)
Awesome Company
123 Main St.
Bloomington, MN 55555
(952) 555-5555


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