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Strategic Planning or the Laws of Attraction? by Wendy Houser Blomseth

Which marketing method are you using to grow your business and attract your best clients in 2009?

Many experts recommend strategically using images to support your bottom line activities and to attract your best clients. When asked “How do I strategically use photographs?” I gave my client the following advice:

Review your Strategic Marketing Plan to assess how your images are supporting it. Examples:
(a) Define your brand, what your company is and who your company is with images
(b) Identify your products, services and target buyers with images
(c) Illustrate your unique selling proposition with images

Determine the freshness, variety and impact of the images so they establish trust, attract attention and tell a compelling story that is different from your competition.

Look at the actual placement of image(s) on your website and in your advertisements. Web and graphic designers will tell you there are locations on a page proven to catch the eye of your potential customer. Social Media Networking experts will advise on which sites you should be listed to reach your target clients.

Some people prefer to allow “The Law of Attraction,” to be their guide to grow their business. One definition of The Law is: “I attract to myself, whatever I give my focus, attention or energy to.” So if you have invested time and attention to create new portraits that show you at your best, you will attract your best clients. Many of us have seen this powerful force work in our personal and business lives.

Whatever marketing method you choose, the experts recommend moving forward with concentrated actions toward your goal, even though we may be tempted to procrastinate. Having new photographs created for your annual marketing plan may seem, in the short term, an easy thing to postpone but it can, in the long term, slow down your growth. Ms. Beth Woodward of Adventures in Brainstorming, said after her portrait session, “…. why did I wait so long? The money I spent was nothing compared to what I received. In fact, I wonder what it cost me to NOT have a professional photo on my website.” You already know that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Today that first impression is often via your website, an email, a business card or a blog, anything but in person, so the visuals you present have got to have I * M * P * A * C * T . You need your pictures (not stock models) to be a powerful tool to develop virtual relationships and differentiate you from the competition so your client remembers you.

Attractive, well-produced images are a priceless tool to help your clients connect with you. Make a lasting impression with images that convey the friendliness, warmth and professional trust you bring to your work, plus build brand awareness of your company and its mission, values and belief. Good business images are a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace, not a luxury !

Wendy Houser Blomseth InBeaute Photography

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  1. For more practical HOW TO USE YOUR PHOTO tips, listen to the podcast interview at Jim Cormican of Twin Cities Entrepreneurs and Pam Muldoon, Next Stage Business interviewed Blomseth LIVE at the great Minnesota State Fair and asked good questions about using your photos to attract your best clients.

    Comment by Wendy | September 1, 2009 | Reply

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