Adams at Work Incorporated

Keeping Your Team Positive and Productive


 I design and deliver work-life balance workshops: 

Group Process Simulation – How to Make the Most of Every Meeting
Active participation required!  After this workshop, your meetings will turn into “productive interactions.”  Each participant will discover first-hand how they consciously and subconsciously impact every meeting they attend. 

 Achieving a Work-Life Balance at Your Company:  Handle Change while Boosting Morale and Productivity! *
These days, a lot is left unsaid when change, both positive and negative, occur at a company. Start a conversation about your changes, stressors and workload shifts in a safe, neutral environment with a third-party leading the process.  Learn together how great companies circle the wagons around their staff and become a visible and stable source of employee support.    Available as an online course, intranet-based course or a classroom experience.
This course is offered at no charge for Adams at Work, Inc. PTO Enhancement Benefit clients. 

What’s for Lunch?  – Restaurant Lunches Near Your Company Exposed!
This is a fun one – Rebecca Adams, who also a cooking writer for Minneapolis,  takes a close look at the lunch spots around your business and provides eye-opening nutritional facts on your favorites.  Tips for better eating at your favorite restaurants and general healthy lunch habits information provided.  Most effectively given in a brown bag lunch setting at your company!  

Trainer Boot Camp – For people who do training at their companies with no formal trainer experience
Companies often call upon responsible staff members to “train in” new employees, despite it not being an official part of the job.  If you find yourself seeking best practices in training techniques, this workshop is for you.  All industries welcome.

 Keeping it “Merry” in the Office during the Holidays  (Available Nov 1 – December 15, schedule early!)
Employees have different ideas about the holidays – some thrive during this time of year but most just feel more stressed as additional pressure from home makes productivity at the office literally impossible.  This workshop offers practical and whimsical advice and tips for handling the holidays both at work and on the home front.  Register your company early – this one has a limited schedule. 


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